Florida man falls out of car, runs over himself, and crashes into house


An unidentified Florida man has had one of the worst ever coming-home experiences ever after leaving the Dancer Royale strip club in Orlando.

After leaving the establishment at 2am the driver managed to fall out of his 2016 Ford pickup truck while it was in motion. The truck then ran over his leg and continued on until crashing into the porch of a nearby house.

Inside the house a 58 year old woman sustained minor injuries. The man, so far unnamed by authorities, fled the scene, leaving the truck inside the house.

The damage

Adrian Larrera, the son of the injured woman, told local television station Fox 35, “From the impact she fell out of bed and hit her neck so I’ve got to take her to the hospital.

“Security guards from the strip club had to come and break the window of the truck to get in because the truck was still in ‘drive’ and was moving forward.”

The front of the home’s enclosed porch was punched through, taking out the steps, front screens, and door.

A drainage ditch running along the road as it bordered the front garden is thought to have significantly reduced the velocity of the truck before it struck the house. The damage would have undoubtedly been far worse without it.

Mystery Driver

Florida State Troopers have appealed for any witnesses to come forward, but they do have a strong lead on who the driver might be.

Inside the cab of the pickup truck there was an identifying document. Authorities are waiting to confirm the named person, believed to be a 28 year old resident of nearby Castleberry, is the driver before releasing it to the public.

According to State Troopers, the driver made it less than a block down the street before falling out of his truck. Whether or not he the driver is known to have been intoxicated at the time of the incident is unknown.