undercuts EuroMillions price hike

458, the ‘Lotto Betting’ website, has attracted strong criticism from UK Lotto operator Camelot for undercutting the recent price hike in EuroMillions lottery tickets.

Unlike national lottery operators, allows its customers to bet on the results of the biggest lottery draws across Europe. Customers are not entered in the actual draws, but are paid the same prizes as punters who buy their tickets directly from the official operators.

Until now, the main advantage for customers to buy from has been the ability to take a flutter on a wide range of lottery draws, from America’s MegaMillions, to Spain’s famous El Gordo.

Now, in a bold move following the recent EuroMillions ticket price hike from £2 to £2.50, has instituted a price freeze for its customers. This allows anyone to potentially win the same gargantuan payouts without forking over the extra 50p to play.

To promote the offer invited TOWIE star Jess Wright to pose with a trident in hand to evoke the look of goddess Britannia, who UK customers will recognize from the reverse of the 50p coin.

Unhappy with what it sees as an infringement on its monopoly as the supplier of EuroMillions tickets within the UK, a Camelot spokesman was critical of’s ability to offer betting on lottery results. “Unlike The National Lottery, companies like Lottoland return no money to good causes,” the spokesperson said.

And while is operating well within UK law, which allows betting on non-UK based lottery draws, Camelot announced they will continue to lobby the UK government and Gambling Commission to ban the practice.

“It is […] an anomaly – and a damaging one for good causes – that while it is prohibited under the legislation to place a bet on the outcome of the UK EuroMillions game (a National Lottery product), it is entirely possible to place a bet on the EuroMillions draw where the game is promoted in another EuroMillions country.”

Any effort by Camelot to grow its monopoly position will certainly take time, and in the mean time British lottery players will continue to benefit from lower EuroMillions prices.