Woman wins $1 million trying to prove lotteries wasteful


Glenda Blackwell of Leicester, North Carolina, decided to teach her husband a lesson. He was always ‘wasting’ his money on lottery tickets, so when he asked her to pick up a few PowerBall tickets one evening she ignored him. She decided instead to spend $10 on an instant-win scratchcard so she could show him in person that lotteries were a waste of time and money. In the process, she ended up winning $1,000,000.

“When I scratched the two, there was ‘$1 million Winner’ under the two,” she told local television station WLOS. “I had to eat my words but they were worth eating. I was very happy,” she added.

Blackwell admitted to giving her husband Buddy a hard time about spending money on lotteries in the past. “Sometimes I get to aggravating him, so I tell him ‘You’re just wasting your money.'” The days of Buddy’s lottery-related tongue-lashings may be firmly in the past now, however.

Blackwell says at age 57 she does not have to worry about money for the first time in her life. The couple plan to buy their own land and house, provide money for their daughter, and sock some away for their two granddaughters’ university education.

“This is gonna go on my wall,” said Blackwell, referring to the oversized cheque she received from the NC Education Lottery (pictured).

The NC Education Lottery was founded in 2005 by the State of North Carolina. 100% of net proceeds go directly to benefit the state’s educational programmes.

Rather than take an annual $50,000 payment for twenty years (totalling £1 million), Blackwell chose instead to take the optional lower lump sump of $600,000 (or $415,000 after taxes). She sighted health concerns, fearing she might not live to collect her entire winnings if she did not take it now.

The Blackwells expect to continue to play the lottery, including buying scratchcards, just perhaps not as many. It looks like Buddy has finally got his way after all.